Levaquin treats many ailments from strep throat to tuberculosis. You have to be prescribed Levaquin from you physician to be able to obtain it, so be sure to let him or her know if you're allergic to Levaquin or have any allergies because it is a possibility that Levaquin can cause an allergic reaction from the inactive ingredients it has in it. Be sure to let your physician know if you have diabetes, heart problems, kidney problems, or any other kind of medical diagnoses.

Strep Throat
Strep Throat

Some other additional information would be the side affects, some of which include, nausea, diarrhea, head aches, dizziness, and any other effects that you do not usually feel. There is a possibility of an overdose if it is not taken properly, so be sure to follow all instructions on how to take Levaquin the correct way.

Levaquin for strep throat is used because it is a antibiotic that treats bacterial infections, some more uses would be for bronchitis, pneumonia, and if you've been exposed to anthrax. It does not work for the flu or for a common cold because these are viral infections. There are three different tablets that you can take.

The lowest is 250 milligrams, the second is 500 milligrams, and the last one is 750 milligrams and should be taken roughly every 24 hours. Most cycles of Levaquin are around two weeks long, some are only a week depending on what you are diagnosed with. If exposed to anthrax however, Levaquin needs to be taken for about 60 days in both adults and children. There are 585 other drugs that react with Levaquin, such as Clozapine, Cortisone, Tramadol, and many others so be sure to let your physician know about other medication you're taking if he or she does not already know.

There is a possibly that bone deformation could happen if you take Levaquin while pregnant, but don't worry, there is a very small possibility of this happening. It is possible that there are some adverse effects when breastfeeding. Some studies show Levaquin could produce a problem with developing joints in young infants. Depending on how bad the mother needs the medication, she should either give up the medication, or stop nursing. Levaquin is not a controlled substance according to the FDA. The cost of varies depending on what milligram is prescribed. For three pills that are 250 milligrams, it cost around $37. The 500 milligram tablets cost around $8 and the 750 milligrams cost about $58.49 according to drugs.com.

So be sure to talk to your physician about pricing, other medication you're taking, and what you're allergic too.